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The Chancellor’s statement goes some way to addressing the level of support needed for young people and it includes a number of incentives which should give employers more confidence to hire. The focus on jobs is welcome and essential for our recovery. However, we need to remain mindful that even as unemployment rises, skills gaps are still evident and any investment should be very targeted....


The global COVID-19 crisis has completely changed our lives, impacting our daily routines, the way in which we connect with people, our livelihoods and much more, which can lead to feelings of insecurity and uncertainty. As restrictions have been relaxed in several countries, business professionals may have been required to return to the workplace or are expected to in the near future, which...


The global COVID-19 pandemic is set to change how and where we will operate in the next era of work, potentially for good, and as restrictions are gradually starting to be relaxed in several countries, business leaders who haven’t already, are now planning how they can safely enable their employees to return to the workplace, whilst helping to manage any anxieties they may have and ultimately...


Like everything else about this year, Pride 2020 will be different. Typically, in cities across the UK and Ireland, millions of people use Pride to congregate and show their support and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic will move 2020’s celebrations online, it’s vital that we continue in our commitment to making progressive strides forward. No lockdown on...


With the much relied upon furlough scheme drawing to a close in October and the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic likely to be felt a long way into the future, it is possible that as an employer you may have to implement and manage a redundancy scheme or restructuring process at your organisation in the coming months. You may understandably be concerned about both the practicalities...


Conducting job interviews remotely is set to become commonplace as we enter the next era of work. But how can you replicate that ‘feeling’ candidates get for your organisation when they interview with you in-person, if they are just staring into a screen, devoid of the sensory overload they would experience during a face-to-face interview? How can a potential employee truly get an...


The COVID-19 crisis has brought sweeping change to so many aspects of our lives - where we work being one of them. Some of these changes will be permanent. Indeed, many organisations have found that having a greater number of their employees based at home has worked out well for all parties. As a result, some employers have decided to shift completely to remote working for good, while others...


As a phased return to the workplace begins to become a reality for many of us, you’ll find the workplace you’re returning to is very different from the one you left. For some, the rapid move to remote working may have been a big adjustment, but transitioning back could be an even greater challenge. To begin with, adherence to social distancing will see your former workplace layout replaced...


How ‘visible’ do you really feel at work right now, having potentially not seen your managers and colleagues in months, unless via virtual contact? Whether you’ve continued to go into work or are now based remotely, the world of work has changed for us all and that’s posed challenges for many employees trying staying visible and noticed. Findings from over 16,000 respondents in the Hays...


To categorise 2020 as a ‘stressful year for most people’ would be an understatement. Some have been ‘shielding’, separated from their friends and loved ones. Some have been placed on furlough whilst others have seen an increase in their normal day-to-day workload. It’s likely that every one of us has struggled – at least to some degree – with the phenomenal changes wrought by coronavirus on...


Shaking hands enthusiastically before a face-to-face meeting, sharing pens to scribble down ideas during a brainstorming session, bonding with our colleagues whilst taking part in a team building session. These are all innately human social interactions that we wouldn’t have thought twice about doing before the pandemic hit. In our pre-COVID working world, it was interactions like these that...


In these difficult times, most interviews are being conducted remotely either over the phone or by video call.  So, in this podcast, we’re joined by Gaelle Blake, Director of Permanent Employment at Hays UK and Ireland. Gaelle is here to share her expert advice for those who are worried about interviewing remotely, to help them overcome their fears and secure their next job. Below...


Organisations have had to make tough decisions since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of which have directly affected temporary staff. Whether you have had to work remotely, adapt your role or been placed on furlough leave, it’s natural to be curious about what shifts are happening in our world of work and how this impacts your career. Based on recent findings from the Hays Market...


  The global COVID-19 crisis has already transformed the way in which we work in such a short space of time. As the situation continues to develop and the road to recovery is expected to be a long one, business leaders and professionals must adapt and be agile to the challenges that are presented to them on a daily basis, with valuable lessons to be learned along the way. In this...


We recently surveyed over 16,000 professionals and employers, and according to the findings of our Market Insights Report, nearly a third (31%) of employers are actively recruiting. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this number is higher amongst public sector employers, with nearly half (46%) currently looking to hire – no doubt demonstrating the pressure that the Covid-19 pandemic is currently placing...


As lockdown gradually eases and our way of working continues to adjust, even those who are the most comfortable in their jobs may be questioning what this means for them and their career. While it’s difficult to realistically predict exactly what will happen in the near future, we do know one thing – recruitment is on the agenda for organisations across the country. Keeping an open mind...


According to the findings of our recent Market Insights Report, which surveyed over 16,000 professionals and employers between April and May, 34% of construction and property employers are optimistic about the UK hiring market, and are planning to accelerate their hiring as the lockdown is gradually lifted. But as uncertainty remains a factor, what skills do employers believe are going to be...



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